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    WNP Awards 2024: Honoring Businesses Transforming the Polish Economy

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    Explore the winners of the WNP Awards 2024, recognizing businesses transforming the Polish economy, from mobile payments to sustainable steel production.

    The prestigious WNP Awards, recognizing entities shaping the Polish economy for the better, will be presented on February 8, 2024, during the EEC Trends gala in Warsaw. WNP.PL, a leading economic portal, annually honors individuals and organizations that play a pivotal role in shaping the national economic landscape.

    Against the backdrop of political changes and economic uncertainties, the WNP Awards celebrate those who exhibit bold initiatives and effectively address contemporary economic challenges. The 2024 laureates include:

    BLIK: Revolutionizing Mobile Payments

    • The BLIK mobile payment system, managing over a billion transactions in 2023, emerges as a unique export commodity, enhancing the Polish market.

    Cognor: Pioneering Modern Steel Production

    • Cognor, a private steel producer investing over PLN 800 million, modernizes facilities in Poland and expands into the Czech Republic, contributing to economic stability amid geopolitical turbulence.

    Danfoss Poland: Sustainable Investment for Cities

    • Recognized for valuable investments in energy-efficient technologies, Danfoss Poland establishes a cutting-edge factory in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, promoting rational energy management.

    Elemental Holding: Leading in Recycling of Precious Metals

    • Elemental Holding, a global leader in noble metal and electronic waste recycling, invests PLN 400 million in a facility in Zawiercie, reinforcing resource security.

    Empik Group: Driving Digitalization of Culture

    • Over 70 years, Empik has become a leader in digitalizing the Polish market, seamlessly integrating over 350 physical stores with a dynamic e-commerce platform.

    Arche: Revitalizing Heritage and Supporting Refugees

    • Arche specializes in revitalizing historic structures, converting them into profitable hotels, while also generously assisting Ukrainian refugees and contributing to cultural development.

    KRUK Group: Expansion in Debt Management

    • KRUK, a leading debt management company, operates across Europe, achieving a net profit exceeding PLN 800 million in 2022 and contributing to economic ethics.

    Aleksandra Przegalińska: Visionary in AI and Philosophy

    • Professor Przegalińska, a renowned AI philosopher and researcher, recognized for her contribution to AI ethics, education, and advocacy for women in AI.

    TDJ: Diversified Investments and Green Transformation

    • TDJ, a family-owned business, transforms from mining to green energy, investing in innovative technologies and urban development.

    VIVE Textil Recycling: Circular Economy Innovator

    • VIVE Textil Recycling excels in circular economy practices, sorting and distributing used textiles globally, contributing to sustainable and innovative recycling solutions.

    The WNP Awards ceremony, coinciding with the EEC Trends conference on February 8, 2024, promises to be a momentous occasion celebrating the remarkable contributions of these businesses to the Polish economy.

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