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    Wroclaw Cardiologist Awarded Fulbright Senior Award for Groundbreaking Heart Failure Research

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    Dr. hab. Jan Biegus, a professor from the Institute of Cardiac Diseases at Wrocław Medical University, has been selected as a Fulbright Senior Award recipient, the most prestigious U.S. program for scientific and cultural exchange.

    Leading Cardiovascular Research

    Among the 16 Polish scholars awarded Fulbright Senior Fellowships this year, Dr. Biegus stands out as the sole representative in the field of medical sciences. His research will extend to Duke University in Durham, USA, beginning late 2024.

    Investigating Heart Failure Mechanisms

    At Duke University, the Wrocław-based cardiologist plans to delve into the pathomechanisms leading to fluid retention in patients with heart failure. This research, a collaboration with Prof. Piotr Ponikowski, continues studies initiated at Wrocław Medical University, focusing on the severe issue of fluid retention affecting up to 80% of heart failure patients.

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