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    Załęczański Landscape Park: Celebrating the Rich Heritage of Jurassic Landscapes

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    January 5th marks the anniversary of the establishment of Załęczański Landscape Park, based on the resolution of the Provincial National Council in Sieradz dated January 5, 1978. The park aims to preserve the landscapes of Jurassic limestone formations, including various karst forms and the Warta River canyons through the Wyżyna Wieluńska upland.

    Załęczański Landscape Park is a testament to the efforts initiated by the Provincial National Council, creating a sanctuary for the unique regional landscape. Spanning across the Wyżyna Wieluńska upland, the park encompasses picturesque views of Jurassic limestone formations and the meandering Warta River.

    This park is not just a natural haven but also a diverse showcase of karst formations, making it exceptional on the Polish map. It serves as a refuge for numerous plant and animal species, attracting nature enthusiasts and tourists who can contemplate the unique geological features.

    Thanks to more than four decades of dedicated efforts, Załęczański Landscape Park stands as a significant element of natural, educational, and touristic heritage, earning recognition from both the local community and nature lovers nationwide.

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