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    Zaryn Dismisses Medvedev’s Warnings as “Typical Kremlin Hate”

    In a recent opinion piece penned by former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, Poland was characterized as a “dangerous enemy” in a lengthy 8,000-word article published in the Russian government paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The piece, which raised concerns in Poland and beyond, warned that Poland could risk “losing its statehood.” In response to Medvedev’s assertions, Stanislaw Zaryn, the deputy of the Minister Coordinator of Special Services, has dismissed the article as “a show of hate typical of the Kremlin.”

    Zaryn labeled the article as “aggressive” and highlighted its “threats against Poland and NATO.” He emphasized that Russian leaders have been propagating hostility toward Poland for years, and Medvedev’s article is yet another example of this trend.

    Moreover, Zaryn accused the article of perpetuating falsehoods against Poland while recognizing that Russian elites view Poland’s recent actions as limiting Russian influence in Europe. He pointed out that this article coincided with Russia’s attempts to re-establish energy cooperation with Germany and launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia has also been signaling its willingness to engage in peace talks regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

    Zaryn concluded by asserting that the potential consequences of such hostile rhetoric could lead to more victims due to Russian imperialism. The article by Medvedev has sparked concern and criticism in Poland as it complicates efforts to improve relations between Russia and Europe.


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