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    10 Years Ago Kazimierz Winkler, Lyricist of Polish Hits, Passed Away

    Kazimierz Winkler, a legendary Polish lyricist, passed away on July 5, 2014, in Warsaw at the age of 95. His contributions to Polish music are immense, having authored over a thousand songs that have become staples in Polish popular culture, such as “O mnie się nie martw” or “Czerwony autobus”.

    Kazimierz Winkler was born on March 28, 1919, in Warsaw. He showed an early interest in music and literature, which led him to pursue a songwriting career. His talent for crafting compelling lyrics quickly set him apart in the post-war Polish music scene.

    Breakthrough with “Czerwony autobus”

    One of Winkler’s first major successes came in 1952 with the song “Czerwony autobus” (The Red Bus), performed by the Chór Czejanda. This song captured the hearts of many Poles and became an anthem of its time, showcasing Winkler’s ability to connect with the public through relatable and poignant lyrics.

    Iconic Collaborations

    Winkler’s career is marked by numerous collaborations with prominent Polish musicians. In 1964, Violetta Villas won the second prize in the Polish Radio contest with “Przyjdzie na to czas” (Its Time Will Come), a song written by Winkler. His partnership with Władysław Szpilman resulted in the beloved “Tych lat nie odda nikt” (Those Years Will Not Return), sung by Irena Santor.

    “Gdy mi ciebie zabraknie”

    Perhaps one of Winkler’s most famous songs is “Gdy mi ciebie zabraknie” (When I Miss You), composed by Jerzy Abratowski and performed by Ludmiła Jakubczak in 1960. This song was voted the best post-war song in a poll conducted by “Express Wieczorny,” a testament to its lasting impact and Winkler’s lyrical prowess.

    Kazimierz Winkler passed away on July 5, 2014, in Warsaw. He was laid to rest at Powązki Cemetery, a place where many of Poland’s notable figures are buried.

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