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    Fair play no longer applies in the presidential elections in Poland

    There are no holds barred in the presidential campaign for Civic Platform party candidate Małgorzata Kidawa Błońska. The incidents in Puck, as well as the recent brutal attacks on the head of the campaign of President Andrzej Duda, Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło, indicate that fair play no longer applies.

    The „Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper reported on an incident concerning the head of President Andrzej Duda’s election campaign, Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło. She was to bite a resident in Milanówek in the forearm during the election silence before the second round of local elections in 2019. According to the authors of the article, Turczynowicz-Kieryłło was distributing posters ridiculing one of the candidates. When he attempted to stop her, she bit his hand. Ms. Jolanta referred to the matter, explaining that the situation was in fact completely different. According to the woman, she and her 15-year-old son were brutally attacked by the man, which prompted her attack in defence of her son. 

    “The Wyborcza newspaper today reached a new low. It stood on the side of a women-beater, against a mother who was defending her own child. It hid the doctor’s reports that the perpetrator was strangling me. It hid the fact that we were attacked by a professional hater described as such in national media”, tweeted Ms. Turczynowicz-Kieryłło in response.

    The story published by Gazeta Wyborcza was quickly picked up by politicians of the opposition and journalists. It doesn’t seem to be an accident, that only 4 days ago president Andrzej Duda presented his election campaign staff with attorney Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło as its new face. Some columnists stress, that this shows that this year’s campaign will be especially brutal.

    The presidential elections will take place on May 10th. The incumbent president, Andrzej Duda is in the lead in all pre-election opinion polls so far.   




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