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    No going out without masks starting tomorrow in Poland

    According to recent data published by the Polish Ministry of Health, 380 new cases of infection have been recorded today, bringing the total to 7,500. Just today, 23 people in the country have died of COVID-19. In total, the deadly virus has claimed the lives of 286 Polish citizens. This Thursday marks the date of implementing a new restriction in connection with the coronavirus battle, prohibiting Poles from going into public without covering their mouths and noses. The Ministry of Health hopes that this will curb the spreading of the virus, allow the loosening of other restrictions, and put more people on the streets of Poland.

    “Many people could currently be infected with COVID-19 without showing any symptoms, therefore they would not know about their infection. As a result, they may infect healthy people, so it is most justified to use personal protective equipment to cover one’s nose and mouth in public spaces”, stated the deputy Minister of Health, Waldemar Kraska.


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