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    Morawiecki: The Constitution of May 3rd 1791 was a pioneering achievement

    The great, pioneering achievement, which was the Constitution of May Third, was not an exception in Polish history or a coincidence, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Facebook on the occasion of the 3rd May National Day.

    The 3rd of May National Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the creation of Constitution of May 3rd 1791. The document was the first constitution in modern Europe and the second in the world after the American one. The anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of May 3 is a holiday instituted in 1919. During the Polish People’s Republic (PRL), its public celebration was prohibited, and again became a public holiday in 1990. The head of government also added how we should treat the holiday and the Constitution of May 3rd. “We should understand the May 3rd Constitution Day not only as the anniversary of modern political reform, but as an expression of a much larger, wonderful, unique heritage of tens of generations of our predecessors”, he concluded.


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