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    “Nothing happened” – a film on paedophilia causes controversy

    The latest film by Sylwester Latkowski entitled “Nothing happened”, regarding the alleged paedophilia among the celebrities who were regulars at the “Zatoka Sztuki” club in Sopot, gathered a lot of controversy. According to Latkowski, many underage boys and girls have been molested at the club. Zbigniew Ziobro, the General Prosecutor and Minister of Justice announced that a group of prosecutors are to investigate the matter.

    The film “Nothing happened” tells the story of a 14 year-old girl, Anait (Anayeet) who jumped in front of a train and committed suicide. This led to the discovery of an organised criminal group taking advantage of very young boys and girls. Emotions brew up after the debate which followed the premiere of the film.

    “Let me address the appeal of actor Borys Szyc… Borys, maybe it is not the time to come up with excuses like <> but to say to the public what you witnessed, and what you did and didn’t do”, stated the film’s director, Sylwester Latkowski.

    Pictures of celebrities present at the “Art Bay” were used in the film. Kuba Wojewódzki, a TV presenter, reacted very nervously to the production.

    “(…) In the most disgraceful way you tried to tie me and a person close to me to the brutal, criminal scandal of the “Zatoka Sztuki”. I will meet you and TVP in court. I will try and take as much of the two billion zloty the public television received from the state as I can (…)”, Wojewódzki wrote on Facebook.

    Radosław Majdan, a former football player and commentator, also demands apologies:

    “I assume the mentioning of my name after the film’s emission was the result of too much emotion and was an obvious mistake. I expect this mistake to be rectified, if not then I am taking this case to the court”.

    Moments before committing suicide, Anait was to call her friend and tell her she had been raped. The mother of the girl began an investigation on her own to find the perpetrators and other victims. One such perpetrator was Krystian W., codename “Krystek”. The investigation of “Krystek” began in 2015. It revealed that he often harassed underage girls. Some of them, he raped multiple times. Following the film’s emission, deputy Minister of Justice, Michał Wójcik announced the creation of a special group to investigate the case of sexual harassment at the “Art Bay” in Sopot.


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