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    Gun rights' supporters gather to show support for Brazilian president Bolsonaro

    Gun right supporters from across Brazil gathered in the capital city of Brasilia today to protest in support of the President’s stance on gun rights. One of president Bolsonaro’s most important campaign promises during campaigning elected was to strengthen the right to bear arms for citizens.

    Supporters waved flags and held banners reading “the Brazilian people support Bolsonaro”, as they marched across the lawns of Brazil’s planned capital city. 64% of Brazilian voters voted against the ban on guns in a referendum in 2005, but the socialist government then severely limited access to guns anyway.

    “Armed people will never be enslaved. That’s what our president is defending, and that’s why we’re here today – to defend our freedom”, stated one of the protesters.

    The protesters wanted to express their gratitude for President Bolsonaro’s stance on expanding access to firearms in the South American country.

    “Bolsonaro has always put the right to (self) defense, the right to have access to firearms as one of his main points during his campaign. So, that shows the president’s alignment with the people and the ballot box”, said Ruy Irigaray, a state legislator from the Rio Grande do Sul state.

    On January 15th 2019, Bolsonaro signed a decree to temporarily make it easier to purchase guns.

    The decree increases the valid gun ownership period from five to ten years and allows citizens to own up to four firearms.

     On May 7th 2019, Bolsonaro signed an additional decree which allows for rural gun owners to use their guns on the premises of their property; allowing additional arms imports into Brazil and allowing collectors, sports shooters, and hunters to travel from their homes to shootings ranges with their firearms and ammunition.



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