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    Poland will send a rescue team to Lebanon

    Polish rescue team is ready for departure. “The main focus will be to search for and get people out who may be in ruins,” Chief Commander of the Fire Brigade, Andrzej Bartkowiak, informed.


    The firefighter added that the group of Polish rescuers will include a team of the most experienced chemists. “54 people will fly to Lebanon: 11 medics and 43 rescuers with dogs as well as medical equipment and supplies, medicines, a hospital tent,” Bartkowiak said. As he added, firefighters are prepared for seven days of hard work on site. Bartkowiak informed that due to the ammonium nitrate explosion, a team of the most experienced chemists will fly to Beirut. “The main focus is to search for, get people out who may be in the ruins,” the Chief Commandant of the Fire Brigade reported. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates activities related to the preparation of the mission to Lebanon. They include a dozen or so state institutions and non-governmental organizations. The role of the State Fire Service, the Polish Center for International Aid, the Material Reserves Agency and the PLL LOT airline are of particular importance.


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