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    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny cannot be moved to Germany

    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who fell into a coma, cannot be moved from the hospital in Omsk. His condition is too serious – decided doctors on Friday. Meanwhile, a plane, which was supposed to take Navalny for the abroad treatment, flew in from Germany.

    Navalny’s associates simultaneously informed the media, that police spokesperson told the Chief Physician of the Hospital that they identified the poison. It is dangerous not only for Navalny but also for the environment. 


    ‘A police officer went to the Chief Physician of the Hospital’s practice and showed him something on her phone: ‘This we have found’, so the Chief Physician answered: ‘Well’. We came closer to a police officer to ask about the poison. She answered that this information was under wraps, but the substance is deadly. It is dangerous not only for Alexei but also for the environment and immediate surroundings. Everybody should wear a protective suit’ – reported the Navalny’s associate – Ivan Zhdanov.


    “We cannot believe this hospital. We want Navalny back to ensure him a proper treatment in an independent hospital and among doctors we trust’ – said Julia Navalna, a wife of the oppositionist. 


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