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    The Chairman of the PKN Orlen reveals the strategy for the enormous Polish concern

    The Chairman of Polish Oil Company (PKN) Orlen, Daniel Obajtek told Vice-Chief of ‘Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’ Marek Tejchman about the development plans of PKN Orlen.

    ‘Energy safety is not only the storage of fuel products’ – said Daniel Obajtek. The Chairman of PKN Orlen explains that the best strategy is to build an enormous and multi-energy concern based on low-carbon technology. This concern will be able to compete with international counterparts.  


    ‘The acquisition of Energa, Lotos and PGNiG (Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction) is the final effect of the multi-energy concern’ – said Obajtek 


    He also explains which steps will be taken after the acquisition of the Energa, Lotos and PGNiG. ‘The refinery, petrochemical industry, gas and power industry are the fundamental pillars of our strategy’ – added.


    ‘We cannot forget about the refinery. We will base on it for many years, so we want to fully exploit each barrel of oil to make the most innovative products. In the future, the refinery will move towards the petrochemical industry, and the petrochemical industry is the future. But what is more, the power industry is always profitable, therefore we will develop the refinery, but above all, we will focus on petrochemical and power industry’ – concluded Obajtek. 


    PKN Orlen is a Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer. This corporation is a significant European publicly traded firm which operates in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and the Baltic States. 


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