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    Presidential Harvest Festival celebrated in Warsaw

    The annual Presidential Harvest Festival – a great celebration of farmers, was organized exceptionally in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. Due to the epidemiological situation, this year the celebrations were held in a limited formula. The celebrations began with a mass in the Carmelite Church in the capital, presided over by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

    “Thanks to the efforts of Polish farmers, food is still on our tables and in our stores. I believe that Poland will continue to develop economically, that we will go through this difficult time, but I believe that Polish agriculture will contribute even more to the growth of the Polish gross domestic product, that Polish agriculture will make us even more famous abroad by exporting the food produced in Poland, by exporting our agricultural produce. But all this requires reliable care on the part of state authorities. All this requires support. Polish agriculture needs constant support, support from those in power, understanding, good governance, good management and good, fair sharing of what is for agriculture and what can be used for agriculture.” said president Duda in his speech.



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