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    mBank officially supported pro-choice protests

    No, these are not protests against the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal. This is a well-planned and well-paid revolt, wrote Dorota Kania, the editor-in-chief of TV Republika, referring to the demonstrations that have been taking place in recent days in Poland. She attached to the post the personal card of the former TW (secret collaborator of the Polish People’s Republic), currently president of mBank Cezary Stypułkowski. The bank officially (in social media) supported the ongoing protests.

    After the Constitutional Tribunal issued a ruling declaring eugenic abortion inconsistent with the constitution, protests sparked across Poland, arranged by „Women’s Strike”. Protests are held in front of the houses of politicians from ruling parties, in city streets, and in front of churches and in churches themselves. Today, German mBank supported the ongoing strikes. On the bank’s profile there was a picture with photos of employees, against a background of red lightning – one of the symbols of the ongoing protests. Probably the sources of the initiation of strikes throughout Poland should not be found in the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal. Dorota Kania, editor-in-chief of TV Republika, writes on Twitter of alternative reason for the current state of affairs. “These are not protests against the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal. It is a well-planned and well – paid revolt (…). It is enough to mention who supports . For example, the CEO mBank C. Stypułkowski (formerly Deutsche Bank)” we can read on Twitter. The post also included a scan of the personal card “Secret Collaborator of the People’s Republic of Poland” with Stypułkowski’s data.


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