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    Tomasz Sakiewicz: 'let's celebrate Independence Day safely'

    The Editor in Chief of the Gazeta Polska newspaper, Tomasz Sakiewicz commented on the matter of this year’s March of Independence by encouraging Poles to stay safe and not endanger others.

    “There are a few methods of celebrating. I’m sure everyone can display the flag of Poland on their roofs. We can join the online actions organized to honor Poland’s Independence Day. Those who wish to come to Warsaw to participate in the March of Independence and at the same time stay safe, will have an opportunity to do that. There is only one way to do that. We can create a motorcade. We can drive through the streets of Warsaw with our flags on the top of our cars. We absolutely cannot get out of the car, we cannot talk with anyone because if we do, the disease may spread. I think organizing a procession of vehicles will be a dignified way of honoring this day.” stated Sakiewicz.  


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