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    ‘If test results persist, there will be no conditions for lockdown’ Prof. Gut about the infection’s balance

    The high number of deaths is a result of former records of infections. I suspect that there will be more of them – assessed virologist prof. Włodzimierz Gut while commenting the Saturday’s health resort’s data concerning coronavirus’ infections.

    The Ministry of Health informed that laboratory tests confirmed further 25 571 infected people and 548 deaths. This number is the highest since the beginning of the epidemic. During the last day, they made over 56 thousand tests. 


    The virologist prof. Gut commented the newest data of health resort for Polish Press Agency (PAP). He explained that the high number of deaths ‘is a result of former infections’ records. 


    ‘I suspect that there will be more deaths. When we talk about today’s over 25 thousand new cases, we may say that this is within the limits of optimism. The actions from the period of 1st November give some effect. To be honest, I would like to see about 20 thousand, not 25, but the effect is visible’ – he emphasised.


    ‘If further health resort’s data was on a similar level, there would be no conditions for lockdown. It will cause that existing restriction will oblige for the longest time’ – added prof. Gut. 


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