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    Poland and Hungary to veto the tying of the EU budget to the rule of law

    Warsaw has responded to Berlin’s earlier announcements about the need to introduce the ‘money for the rule of law’ mechanism and has blocked the EU budget. Along with Poland, Hungary is also against this approach. This afternoon, before the decision was taken, the head of the United Poland party commented on the matter.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the proposal of the German presidency, supported by the president of the European Commission who is a German politician, this proposal which was made in the European Parliament by German politicians is aimed at basic Polish interests. Regardless of the consequences, Poland and all of its politicians should be of the same opinion on this matter. We disagree with these decisions, we disagree with this radical blow to the Polish position, we disagree with this radical restriction of Polish sovereignty. That is why we decided to veto it. We’re vetoing it, because we want Polish interests to be heard. We also disagree with these kinds of methods to be enforced in a manner contrary to the European Union’s law and European Union treaties.” stated Zbigniew Ziobro, the Minister of Justice.


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