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    Screenings in three voivodeships. There are two options

    On Saturday, the Minister of Health announced screenings in three voivodeships – Silesia, Malopolska and Podkarpackie. How will the screenings look like? The Minister of Health emphasised that he would decide in that week. ‘We have two ideas about it’ – said Adam Niedzielski.

    Today (23 Nov 2020) on the air of RMF FM radio, the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski said that in that week, after talks with epidemiologists, he would decide whether the screening would be compulsory or optional. 


    ‘I have two ideas about it. In one of it, we will give family doctors the authority to make such tests. In this model, anyone willing to have a test will be able to come and do it. The second option will exploit the drive-thru in these regions and referral would be delivered by messages’ – said Niedzielski. 


    ‘In the second option, screenings will be compulsory’ – added. 


    The Minister of Health was also asked when the screenings might be started. He said that in the case of the first option, screenings would start in one, two weeks because they would have to organize it, but in the first option, tests could start immediately. 


    Niedzielski confirmed that screenings would be made by antigenic tests, which give the result in 15 minutes. ‘We know that there is an error margin and because of that we have this week to discuss the situation’ – he explained. 


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