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    Where do we get infected? The simulation leaves no doubt

    According to scientists, restaurants, cafes and fitness clubs are the places where people stay for a long time in close contact and usually get infected. Those places are responsible for spreading the coronavirus. The complicated computer simulation was constructed by the University of Stanford’s team. Scientists constructed the model which precisely predicts the further expansion of the pandemic.

    Scientists took into consideration over 98 million citizens of huge American cities and over 500 thousand visited places. They checked where people move during the day, how long they are and how much people are in the same place. 


    ‘We developed a computer model to analyse how people of different demographical origin, who live in different districts, move during the day. We wanted to know what kind of places they visit and for how long. On that basis, we were able to predict the probability of new infections in a particular place and time’ – described one of the scientists prof. Jure Leskovec. 


    Scientists used anonymous data from mobile phones and demographic and epidemiological information. According to scientists, the simulation might be a crucial tool while making decisions. 


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