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    The president wishes the miners all the best

    The energy transformation must be implemented, but it must be done in a fair and rational manner, taking into account Polish economic realities and workers’ interests, said President Andrzej Duda in a Barbórka message to miners. Barbórka is a Polish miners festival.

    While expressing his wishes for the miners, the president said that “apart from the dynamic development of the green energy sector, the basis of Poland’s energy security is and will continue to be the coal-based energy sector in the coming decades,” and “the miners’ work will be needed for a long time to come”. At the same time, he emphasized the need for sustainable development and care for the natural environment.

    The president passed words of appreciation, gratitude and great respect to all miners. “Maybe we too rarely realize how important the miners’ effort is for the economic development of our country. It is also impossible to tell the history of Poland without a story about the patriotism of the miners, about their devotion to their homeland,” Duda said, recalling the miners’ involvement in the three Silesian Uprisings and the rise of Solidarity.

    The film with the wishes of the head of state on the occasion of the mining holiday celebrated on December 4 was published on Wednesday by the State Mining Authority in Katowice, which supervises safety issues in the mining industry.


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