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    17th International Congress of Turkish Art Shines Light on Cultural Bonds in Warsaw

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    Discover the cultural bonds between Poland, Turkey, and Crimea at the 17th International Congress of Turkish Art in Warsaw. Explore unique exhibitions and heritage.

    17th International Congress of Turkish Art, Warsaw, 18th–21st September 2023

    The 17th International Congress of Turkish Art (ICTA) will take place from September 18 to 21, 2023, in Warsaw, organized by the King John III Palace Museum in Wilanów and the University of Warsaw. ICTA is the world’s largest and most significant academic event dedicated to the ancient art and artistic culture of Turkey, the Turkic world, and its interactions with other cultures. This year’s congress in Warsaw will host experts from over 20 countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, and Poland.

    The congress offers a unique opportunity to highlight historical and cultural ties between Central and Eastern European regions, Turkey, Crimea, and the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It explores the Sarmatian culture, which drew from Turkish cultural elements during its development. It also celebrates the Polish-Tatar community, a testament to centuries of integration and identity stemming from Turkish roots.

    Polish museums house remarkable Turkish art and its Polish adaptations, such as ornate weaponry, equestrian gear, and tents, showcasing Poland’s rich cultural heritage. These artifacts, dating back to the Ottoman era and the involvement of Polish Armenians in their production, are a testament to Polish cultural identity.

    Contrary to common misconceptions, Poland maintained peaceful relations with Turkey and Crimea throughout much of its history. These nations were not political or ideological adversaries, making the Turkish influence on Polish culture distinctive.

    The King John III Palace Museum in Wilanów will host an exhibition titled “Great Light and Heavenly Key: Hymns from King Sobieski’s Tatar Hamlets.” This exhibit sheds light on the unique cultural phenomenon of Polish-Lithuanian Tatars and their connection to Turkish and Polish historical cultures. It includes manuscripts from Tatar communities in the region.

    The 17th ICTA in Warsaw aims to foster awareness and understanding of these extraordinary cultural ties while promoting Poland’s lesser-known museum collections. This congress highlights the significance of Polish-Turkish relations and the rich cultural heritage that has resulted from centuries of peaceful coexistence.

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