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    Nearly 700 people willing to work in a temporary hospital

    Recruitment for work in a temporary hospital, which was established in Targi Kielce, is in progress. Almost 700 people applied, including 45 doctors, 250 nurses and 77 paramedics.

    The construction of a temporary hospital at Targi Kielce was completed last week. Zbigniew Koniusz, Voivode of Świętokrzyskie Province, said that it would be opened in the event of a rapid increase in infections in the region.

    Recruitment for work in the hospital is still ongoing. According to the data of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship Office, 692 people have completed the application forms. 45 doctors, 250 nurses, 77 paramedics, 23 electrocardiography technicians, 87 room attendants, 93 medical attendants and 117 people interested in working as a technical service.

    “Most of the medical staff who applied for work are doctors and nurses of the Provincial Complex Hospital. They positively responded to our appeal to them,” said Bartosz Stemplewski, Hospital Director in Kielce, the facility responsible for the operation of the temporary hospital, .

    At the end of October, the Świętokrzyskie Voivode said that 30 to 50 doctors, about 200 nurses and 50 auxiliary staff were to work in the temporary hospital.


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