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    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces support for drivers stuck in Dover

    We are working on solving the problems of Polish truck drivers stuck in the British Dover. We are planning additional emergency solutions in a short time, announced Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk on Thursday. There is an ambassador on site in Dover, he said.

    Due to the difficult situation in which Polish drivers found themselves in Dover, they are helped by both the consular services and Polish diaspora organizations, as well as many private people who deliver food, water and hygiene products.

    On Thursday, the Crisis Management Team, coordinating assistance to Polish drivers, met in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Szynkowski vel Sęk informed on Twitter that consuls and an ambassador were present at the site in Dover. He also announced extraordinary solutions to help drivers.

    The situation in Dover is the result of the French authorities’ decision on Sunday, which closed the possibility of entry from Great Britain for 48 hours due to the new variant of the coronavirus spreading there. Although since Wednesday it is possible to cross the English Channel again, a negative test result for the presence of coronavirus is necessary, and it will take at least a few days to unload traffic jams.



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