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    18th Century Coins Unearthed in Wdecki Landscape Park

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    Discover 18th-century Prussian coins unearthed in the Wdecki Landscape Park, shedding light on historical transactions and lifestyles.

    A deposit of 14 silver coins dating back to the 18th century, from the reign of King Frederick II of Prussia, has been discovered in the forests of the Osie Forest District, within the Wdecki Landscape Park (WPK). The coins were unearthed during surface surveys conducted by archaeologist Olaf Popkiewicz as part of WPK’s efforts.

    Surprising Discovery:

    The discovery of these coins came as a surprise since the area is dominated by remnants of World War II, with limited visible traces of the 18th century. The coins were found just beneath the surface, almost covered in moss, and are remarkably well-preserved, suggesting that there may have been more of them buried together.

    Coin Details:

    The coins date from the period between 1764 and 1770. In the Kingdom of Prussia, the talar was the highest denomination coin in circulation, followed by the ort, equivalent to 18 groszy. Ort coins are the most commonly found among the discovered coins in the Wdecki Landscape Park.

    Historical Context:

    In 18th-century Prussia, the weekly wage for a soldier was 6 groszy, equivalent to the daily wage of a master carpenter. A meal cost 2 groszy. These coins were valuable but not sufficient to secure one’s future.

    Significance of the Find:

    The 18th-century coins shed light on historical economic transactions and lifestyles in the region. While smaller denominations were abundant in circulation, larger denominations like the ort and talar were used for significant purchases such as buying shoes, cows, or horses.

    Archaeological Discoveries in Wdecki Park:

    Wdecki Landscape Park, situated in the central-eastern part of the Tuchola Forests, has recently revealed its rich archaeological heritage through surface surveys and LiDAR technology. These findings include Roman-era settlements, ironworks remnants, and even Gothic cemeteries in nearby villages.

    The discovery of 18th-century coins within the Wdecki Landscape Park provides valuable insights into the region’s historical economy and adds to the growing list of archaeological treasures uncovered in this remarkable natural landscape.

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