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    Płock: the flood alert has been cancelled

    Due to the decrease in the level of the Vistula River, the flood alert was canceled on Sunday in Płock. Alert was introduced there almost three weeks ago, due to the rising river at that time. Currently, there is a flood emergency service in the city. The Vistula level also dropped in Wyszogród and Kępa Polskie.

    “As the Vistula level dropped below the emergency level, the flood alert in the city was canceled by the order of the president of Płock. Due to the fact that one stream gauge still exceeds the warning level, the flood emergency service is now in force,” said in the afternoon the officer on duty of the Municipal Management Center Crisis.

    The flood alert in Płock was in force from February 8, and was introduced when the ice jam that arose on the river in front of the city began to block the free flow of water along the Vistula, which resulted in the rise of the river level. This blockage, 7 km long, was destroyed by icebreakers earlier this week.

    As reported on Sunday by The State Water Holding Polish Waters, “drops in the water level are observed on the Vistula, near Płock”. “In Płock, the water level has dropped below the emergency level” – emphasized in the press release.



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