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    Temporary hospitals in Poland

    Poland is struggling with the third wave of Coronavirus. More and more patients with Covid-19 are being admitted to temporary hospitals.

    Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska said that given the large number of cases, more hospital beds are needed.

    “We can see that our predictions are correct, but during this week we will certainly observe large increases in new cases of coronavirus infection. Only in the last 24 hours, approximately 900 more beds in hospitals were used by patients with COVID-19 ”. stated minister Kraska. 

    Currently in Poland, there are 22 temporary hospitals.

    “If we are talking about the modular hospital “Szaserów”, in this particular hospital we have almost 100% of the beds occupied. We have the Southern hospital in which the occupancy rate and hospitalization of patients was at the level of 60 %” commented Jarosław Krajewski from the ruling Law and Justice party. 

    In the hospital at the National Stadium, 90% of beds are occupied.  





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