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    In defense of the freedom of speech – only at

    On March 25, the portal will broadcast the “Cyber ​​Free Speech Summit Warsaw 2021” conference arranged by “Gazeta Polska” and the media of Strefa Wolnego Słowa (Free Speech Zone), in which an international group of people from the world of science and the media will take part.

    “Cyber ​​Free Speech Summit Warsaw 2021” will be devoted to the problem of limiting the freedom of speech and views – especially conservative ones.

    The conference will become a forum for debate by an international group of people from the world of science and the media, who will analyze the existing threats to freedom of speech and how to overcome them.

    During the event scheduled for March 25, there will be two discussion panels. One will be devoted to finding an answer to the question of who is behind online censorship against conservatism. The second panelists will investigate how democratic states can force leading social media platforms to respect constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech.

    “We will also talk about what such values like the freedom of speech mean for Poles and whether it is worth fighting for in the modern world,” says Tomasz Łysiak, a columnist for the Free Speech Zone, one of the participants of the debate.



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