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    Poles celebrate Holy Saturday

    Today is Holy Saturday – the last day of Holy Week, which precedes the Feast of the Resurrection. It is also a time of reflection and mourning for the crucified Jesus Christ. Traditionally in the Polish Catholic Church on this day, we bless our Easter food baskets and visit the Holy Sepulcher.

    Holy Saturday is a quiet time for Christians to await the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the day, the faithful come to church to consecrate food, and after sunset – participate in the liturgy of the Easter Vigil.


    The Liturgy of the Easter Vigil is the most solemn and important Mass of the year. It consists of the Liturgy of Light, the Word, the Eucharist and the renewal of baptismal promises.


    In churches there is complete silence and stillness, the faithful adore Lord Jesus in the tomb until the beginning of the Easter Vigil. This custom comes from Palestine.


    In Poland, beginning in the 18th century, a figure of the dead Jesus is placed in the centre of the tomb, and the ostensorium is covered with a veil, referring to the shroud with which Jesus was covered after his death.


    Contemporary decorations of tombs can have references to current events, such as armed conflicts, social phenomena, and currently, the ongoing epidemic.


    On Easter Day, Polish families will gather for a breakfast to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.



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