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    The lowest unemployment in Poland among the EU countries

    In February, unemployment in Poland stood at 3.1% and was the lowest rate among European Union countries, according to data provided by Eurostat. In second place was the Czech Republic with unemployment at 3.2% ‘Another month we are leaders,’ wrote on Twitter the Head of the Center for Strategic Analysis, Undersecretary of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister Norbert Maliszewski. The data is evidence of the effectiveness of state and government aid programs for business affected by the pandemic and restrictions.

    Unemployment was 7.5% across the European Union.


    In February, the unemployment rate, after seasonal adjustment, according to Eurostat methodology, was 3.1% in Poland, as in January. The number of unemployed was 540,000 compared to 531,000 in January.


    ‘The lowest unemployment across the EU in February, another month of being a leader,’ wrote Maliszewski.


    ‘For me, the person who remembers the difficult periods of high unemployment in Poland, this is very important information,’ he added. 


    In this regard, he attached an entry of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU, which states that in February unemployment in Poland remained at its lowest level in the European Union. Just behind Poland are the Czech Republic with 3.2% unemployment and the Netherlands with 3.6%.




    The unemployment rate in the euro area in February 2021, after seasonal factors, was 8.3%, compared with 8.3% the previous month, after adjusting for 8.1%. The average unemployment rate in EU countries was 7.5%, compared to 7.5% the previous month.



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