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    Four candidates for the president of Rzeszów

    Four candidates in the snap elections of the president of Rzeszów were registered by the Municipal Election Commission. The decision on the registration of the candidate of the KWW Poland 2050 committee will be made on Monday.

    The deadline for submitting applications has expired on Friday at midnight. The elections were called on May 9.

    Ewa Leniart, the voivode of Podkarpacie, is one of the candidates for the mayor of the city. It is supported, among others, by Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, ruling party) and the Rzeszów region of NSZZ “Solidarność” (trade union “Solidarity”). 

    Another candidate is Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł (Solidarna Polska). It was proposed and during the campaign is consistently supported by the former mayor of the city, Tadeusz Ferenc.

    In turn, Konrad Fijołek is a former collaborator of Ferenc, vice-president of the city council and head of the Rzeszów Development club (Rozwój Rzeszowa club). He is supported by, among others by PO (Civic Platform), Lewica (Left), PSL (Polish People’s Party) and Ruch Polska 2050 (Movement Polska 2050). He is associated with the leftist environment.

    The director of documentary films and screenwriter Grzegorz Braun is also competing for the office of the mayor of the city. He is an MP of the Confederation from Rzeszów region.

    On the other hand, the decision to register the candidacy of Małgorzata Grzywa from KWW Polska 2050 will be made by the election commission on Monday.



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