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    Chicago march against violence after a death of a Polish citizen

    After the tragic murder of Polish citizen Jakub Marchewka in Chicago on Easter Sunday, a March was held this past Sunday to raise awareness of the spike in violent crime in the city in recent times.

    28-year-old Pole Jakub Marchewka was shot in a parking lot in broad daylight on Easter Sunday over a dispute involving a car door.  He died after being rushed to the hospital. The culprit remains at large. The event sparked panic throughout the already-crime-ridden city where, since the beginning of this year, there have been 860 injuries due to gunshots. 

    A march was conducted to highlight the increasingly problematic situation of the violent, crime ridden city with many people participating in the march starting at the crime scene.  The march attracted attention on an international level and brought light to the conditions that plague Chicago affecting not only Poles, but all other residents too.



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