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    The matura exam is proceeding according to plan

    After two days of secondary school exit exams (matura), it can be said that everything is going according to plan, said Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science. He noted that the exams, apart from the incidents that occur every year, were peaceful.

    “(..) The safety of all high school graduates, including sanitary safety, was guaranteed by all school directors,” said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science in Radio Maryja.

    Czarnek pointed out that this year the exams are conducted in writing and there is no obligatory oral exam, which is taken only by people who need results from such an exam as part of recruitment to foreign universities. He stated that only about a thousand take oral exams.

    The minister noted that this year the obligatory extended exam, which was necessary in previous years, was abandoned, although it was not necessary to present a certain number of points to pass this exam.

    This year, about 270,000 of this year’s graduates and about 95,000 of graduates from previous years took the matura exams.


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