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    Defense ministers of Poland and Romania: Regional cooperation for the benefit of NATO

    Regional defense cooperation serves the security of NATO’s eastern flank and the entire Alliance, said Defense Ministers of Poland and Romania, Mariusz Błaszczak and Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca, who met in Bucharest on Monday.

    The head of the Ministry of National Defense is a member of the delegation of President Andrzej Duda, who began on Monday a two-day visit combined with the participation in the summit of the Bucharest Nine – the countries of NATO’s eastern flank.

    Blaszczak presented decorations to Romanian soldiers for merits in cooperation with Polish colleagues, including the mission in Afghanistan.

    “Thank you for the talks, which meet our expectations, and these expectations arise from the foundation of long-term friendly relations,” said Błaszczak.

    The ministers opened an exhibition on the 100th anniversary of Polish-Romanian military relations in the building of the Ministry of Defense.

    “The hundredth anniversary of establishing cooperation is a beautiful story, but we are focused on what is happening today,” emphasized Błaszczak.


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