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    Inhabitants of nursing homes will be able to meet their relatives

    From Wednesday, residents of social welfare homes in Łódź will be able to leave the facilities, as well as meet their relatives on their premises. During the pandemic, contacts of the residents with the outside world were limited – now the contact rules were defined by the Sanepid.

    According to the new guidelines, residents who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus twice and have waited the necessary period for the production of antibodies will be able to leave the facility, e.g. go on “vacation” to their family, and will not be quarantined upon their return.

    “Residents of nursing homes after returning from ‘vacation’ will not have to undergo compulsory quarantine. Families and relatives will be able to – after prior appointment – visit the residents of the houses in the facility. The rules ensuring the safety of residents have been agreed with the County Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Łódź and they will apply from Wednesday, May 12,” informed Jolanta Baranowska from the City Office of Łódź.



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