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    Polish and Romanian presidents visit soldiers at exercises

    On the second day of his visit to Romania, Polish President Andrzej Duda and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis watched the “Justice Sword 21” military exercise in Smardan. “There is more and more modern equipment, we are more and more compatible with other troops of the Alliance, in particular the troops of the United States army” Duda said.

    “We met the president here, on the training ground, to see the exercises of our soldiers in practice, as I emphasize our soldiers. Both Romanian and Polish soldiers took part in the exercises at the training ground, who are stationed here in Romania as part of the allied mission, as part of the tailored Forward Presence. “They practice together with their Romanian colleagues and other allies. Yesterday, Polish parachutists and Polish Airborne Forces exercised together with the American Airborne Forces also here in Romania, as part of great allied exercises. And I am very happy that we train this interoperability, that we meet within the framework of allied activities, that our soldiers are perfecting their skills. Also that we redeploy our troops by practicing various logistic and strategic solutions.” stated president Andrzej Duda. 

    President Duda also met Polish soldiers from the 6th Assault Brigade who were taking part in the exercises.




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