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    Pesa CEO: We will build a hydrogen locomotive this year

    Pesa Bydgoszcz will produce a hydrogen-powered locomotive later this year. The vehicle is already under construction, individual components are being installed and it will be launched in the summer, announced the company’s CEO Krzysztof Zdziarski at the Imapact’21 congress.

    “We started working on the hydrogen vehicle two years ago. We were wondering where to start, so that it would not be a swallow that would not fly. We came to the conclusion together with Orlen, who is familiar with hydrogen, it uses hydrogen in his technology on a daily basis and is less afraid of it than other industries that maybe in the closed cycle of the Płock refinery, that is on internal tracks, we would prepare such a hydrogen locomotive. We would learn to handle it together, that is as a user and a refueling team preparing this fuel,” said Pesa CEO.

    Zdziarski noted that intensive work on a hydrogen locomotive was started in Pesa, but also cooperation with leading centers was established.

    “The design of the vehicle was first outlined, and today it is physically built. The framework is ready, the company has already received a hydrogen cell from Canada, and the tanks will be delivered in a few days. We are assembling, testing and will start it all in the summer months, in September,” said Zdziarski.



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