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    Poland will buy a scientific-research vessel

    The letter of intent regarding the acquisition of a floating scientific and research unit was signed on Thursday by the ministers of education and science, climate and environment, and infrastructure. The aim of this initiative is, among others improving knowledge about the ocean floor and its raw materials, as well as developing research technologies.

    “We are starting the road that will lead us to the point where we can say: we are buying a ship. Not any ship, but a research unit that our scientists need very much,” said Przemysław Czarnek, the head of the education and science ministry during the ceremony of signing the letter of intent.

    He added that this unit would be used by Polish scientists being involved in polar, marine and ocean research. Minister Czarnek said that the ship was to be purchased because we were currently spending “huge millions of zlotys” on renting such a vessel.

    “It is necessary for research, it is also necessary for the transport of our scientists to our research stations. It is necessary because we do not have a seagoing research vessel,” he noted.



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