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    What did Poles contribute to the world?

    Readers wonderfully accepted the “The Royal Gift. What did Poland and Poles contribute to the world?”, in which the authors described the achievements of Polish inventors, discoverers and researchers.

    Now, the authors offer the reader another volume of this monumental work – this time containing a list of soldiers, leaders, politicians, businessmen, clergymen and heroes who saved human lives. There are over fifty characters you should know about; those monumental and those unappreciated ones by universal history. They were united by the Polish bond and a great sense of community.


    “What did Poland and Poles contribute to the world. Chiefs, soldiers, businessmen, politicians and titans of spirit” by Teresa Kowalik and Przemysław Słowiński. Fronda Publishing House.


    It is a must-read book for all these who are interested in history and those who wish Poland well.


    An equally comprehensive volume of artists and sportsmen is in preparation.


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