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    The 8th anniversary gala of the Republika TV

    Yesterday evening (20 May) there was an anniversary gala of the Republika TV, which celebrated its 8th birthday. The event was conducted online and the musical star of the evening was the band Zakopower. During the gala, awards were presented in four categories.

    The event began with the speech of the President of the Republic Television Tomasz Sakiewicz, who thanked journalists of the station for their contribution to the creation of television and all viewers, without whom there would be no free media.


    – 8 years ago, Republika TV was established. This television has made an authentic breakthrough. Let’s look at the reality of 8 years ago and today. This is a completely different Poland. This Poland would not have changed if we had not changed the consciousness if we had not started to influence people. It is a great success of the journalists who create this Television, but most of all it is thanks to you because if it wasn’t for millions of people who turn on TV Republika every day, we wouldn’t exist. For that, we would like to especially thank – said Tomasz Sakiewicz. 


    The winner of the TV Republika award in the ‘Business’ category is Adam Abramowicz.


    – Thank you very much for the award in the business category. This is all the more valuable to me because the award comes from a television station that covers economic and business issues on a daily basis. I consider this award not only as a recognition of my work but also a recognition of the enormous commitment of the employees of my office, as well as a recognition of the work of all entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized companies who work for Poland – said Adam Abramowicz, a spokesman for small and medium-sized enterprises.


    The prize of TV Republika in the category ‘Culture’ was awarded to Prof. Andrzej Nowak. 


    “The TV Republika award is a particularly important distinction for me because it grows out of what is important to everyone, I mean freedom of speech. Where is culture supposed to thrive if not in the freedom of speech zone? I feel proud that in this oasis I have been recognised as worthy of distinction’, said Professor Andrzej Nowak.


    This year’s prize of TV Republika in the category ‘Politician’ was awarded to Prof. Ryszard Legutko.


    – I accept this award with great satisfaction and a sense of pride, above all because of the institution that granted it to me. TV Republika has become an important institution of contemporary Poland. We often do not realize the role played by independent journalists who broke the information monopoly. TV Republika was one of the pioneers of this movement and thanks to it we live in a different Poland – said Prof. Ryszard Legutko.


    The prize of TV Republika viewers in the category “Personality of the Year” went to general Grzegorz Gielerak. “This award is a great recognition. I hope that my knowledge has helped you endure the Covid-19 pandemic better. I can assure you that the Military Medical Institute will do everything to guarantee safety in this ending pandemic and every crisis” – Gen. Prof. Grzegorz Gielerak.





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