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    An unusual guest in a Zakopane

    One of the guest houses in Zakopane received an unusual visitor today. Slothfully the bear entered. He quickly tackled the trash container. He scattered the waste and made himself breakfast. A guest of the Tatra housing estate is closely watched by the police.

    “There has not been such a guest for a long time on the Tatra estate in Zakopane,” we read on the profile of the Zakopane police.


    “This morning Tatra police officers were called to the Tatra housing estate in Zakopane where, according to the report, a bear was walking in the street. Patrol quickly located the intervention site by the amount of trash scattered on the street. Moments later, a bear came out and unhurriedly entered the next property. Police officers and TPN (Tatra National Park) guard are in place,” wrote the Police in an announcement. 


    Residents were urged to be cautious and to properly secure trash containers.


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