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    Kościński: Economic development and GDP growth

    On Tuesday, the government adopted the assumptions of the draft state budget for 2022. It is predicted that next year GDP will increase by 4.3 percent, inflation will amount to 2.8 percent, private consumption will increase by 4.4 percent and unemployment will fall to 5.8 percent.

    Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy, quoted in a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Finance, said: “Our priority is the rapid development of the Polish economy and the successive growth of GDP.”

    As the minister added, “in the near future it will be important to further strengthen investments, while maintaining a good condition of public finances.”

    Deputy finance minister Piotr Patkowski added that “our economic policy will be focused on the fastest possible reconstruction of the country’s economic potential, taking into account the guidelines of the EU institutions and the national fiscal framework.”

    The Ministry of Finance announced that the level of state budget revenues in 2022 will depend mainly on the expected economic recovery and the economic situation in the domestic economy. The main factor of GDP growth next year will be domestic demand.



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