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    Kukiz'15 movement enters into coalition with the ruling party

    The ruling Law and Justice party gained 4 additional votes in the Sejm, Poland’s lower house of Parliament. The Kukiz’15 movement announced cooperation with the largest group in the parliament. The movement’s leader is rock musician turned politician Paweł Kukiz who signed a program agreement with Law and Justice leader Jarosław Kaczyński. It provides for strict anti-corruption regulations, the implementation of referenda, and the appointment of justices of the peace.

    After several months of negotiations, Jarosław Kaczyński revealed the bills that the ruling camp would support.  

    “An anti-corruption bill, the referendum day bill and an important one about justices of peace, were prepared in keeping with the Polish constitution.” stated Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party. 

    MPs from Kukiz’15 will support the laws of the Law and Justice, especially a set of bills that introduce the New Polish Deal program. 

    “I wanted to share my joy at signing the program agreement with PiS. For the first time in at least 6 years, there is a real chance to introduce systemic changes that are key from my perspective, and lead Poland towards a fully democratic state.” commented Paweł Kukiz, the leader of the Kukiz’15 movement. 

    Kukiz’15 members of parliament consider this a positive development, particularly the introduction of electable justices of peace.

    “First of all, this is a positive change in the Polish judiciary system. Finally Poles will have an influence on judges, we have so far we can elect the president, deputies, and this third authority was beyond the reach of the ordinary citizens.” said Jarosław Sachajko, from the Kukiz’15 movement. 

    The new ally strengthens the ruling camp.

    “I am pleased with this agreement, because it means that there will be broader support for the Polish Deal.” stated Marek Suski from the Law and Justice party. 

    Paweł Kukiz stressed at the conference that as a result of the program agreement no ministerial positions would be granted to the deputies.










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