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    Malbork – the biggest gothic castle in the world

    Malbork Castle was the most powerful fortress in medieval Europe. This picturesquely situated complex of three castles on the Nogat river was the capital of the Teutonic state for 150 years.

    The castle complex in Malbork includes:


    – The High Castle, a quadrilateral castle with a courtyard surrounded by a cloister, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Ann chapel beneath, a gable, the Klesza, and the Wróbel Towers,


    – The Middle Castle, erected on the site of the former bailey, three-sided, with a vast courtyard open towards the High Castle (separated from it by a wall and a moat), with St. Bartholomew’s Chapel, Grand Commandery, Infirmary, Grand Refectory, Palace of the Grand Masters, Summer Refectory, Winter Refectory, and a tower of Chicken Leg,


    – Low Castle (also known as the Outer Castle), with Karwan, St. Lawrence’s chapel, and many outbuildings.


    Although it was not built by Poles but by Teutonic Knights, today it is located on Poland’s territory. It became Polish property in 1457 when Kazimierz Jagiellończyk bought it for 190 thousand florins from Ulrich Czerwonka, who acquired the castle as a pledge for unpaid debts of the Teutonic Order. Today’s value of the sum for which Jagiellonian bought the castle is approximately 660 kg of gold.


    More information about the Castle you can find HERE


    Malbork Castle is one of the finest examples of medieval defensive and residential architecture in Europe. 

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