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    President of the IPN: History can connect

    I see national history as an opportunity to unite Poles, for example in reflection on the common suffering at the hands of both totalitarian regimes or in jointly building strong sovereignty of the Republic of Poland, said the President of the Institute of National Remembrance, Dr. Karol Nawrocki in an interview with “Gość Niedzielny”. “I appeal for history to become a demarcation line in political disputes,” he added.

    Dr. Nawrocki, when asked whether the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) pursues a historical policy, assessed that it certainly did. As he said, “historical politics, politics of memory – these are terms that we should not be afraid of as a nation”.

    When asked how he defines these terms, he pointed out: “The Institute of National Remembrance, which I want to emphasize, first of all objectively examines the history of the 20th century, exhumes Polish national heroes, but also aims to promote Polish history in an international context and educate the next generations of Poles in historical terms. In other words, the politics of remembrance is about preparing young Poles to enter adult life respecting Polish history, and in the international context – to stand up for the truth about the Polish experience in the 20th century”.


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