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    The company that dresses Olympic teams from seven countries. The founder of 4F talks about how to build a global brand

    They spend tens of millions of zlotys a year on promotion. What is the result? Every second skier in Poland skis in clothes of this brand. In the interview for Igor Klaja, the president of OTCF and the owner of the 4F brand, talks about the company’s nearest plans.

    OTCF is a company that combines sports and fashion in its brands and looks for passion in people for both.  It is thanks to the commitment of the company’s employees that products are created that are worn by Olympians, professional athletes, as well as amateurs and enthusiasts of physical activity.  They are constantly developing – they improve their offer, prepare new projects, and have started international expansion.  And this is not their last word.


    In an interview, Klaja admitted that he had not expected that after many years half of the skiers would be wearing his brand jackets.


    “We did not assume such a scenario. This is what the most prominent athletes often say.  They are just trying to do the best they can, and they don’t think about whether they will take first or second place,” says Igor Klaja, the owner of the 4F brand


    In an interview with he admitted that not all products were successful, but stressed that failures were only a motivator.


    “We’re a sports company not just because we make this type of clothing. Every board member has run at least a half marathon, employees have a gym and personal trainers at their disposal. This sport is in our DNA, that’s why defeats don’t break us down, they motivate us” – he adds


    The success of the brand cannot be attributed solely to well-known faces from the world of sport. At the turn of the year, 4F was one of the main sponsors of the 4-Hills-Tournament instead of the world giant Audi, which was the patron of the event for many years.


    When asked if OTCF and the 4F brand is a business with a mission, Igor Kleja admitted that the company owes it to the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the venture


    “Definitely. We do all this with pleasure and enormous satisfaction.  Sport is a great way to develop and educate young people. There are so many temptations and shortcuts these days that sports teach consistency. We are an ambassador of sport in Poland, but also, we hope, soon in Europe.” – he says


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