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    Polish cuisine then and now

    Throughout Poland’s history, Polish cuisine has been influenced and changed by regional cuisines, especially since the territory of the Republic of Poland was historically inhabited by a changing mosaic of nations.

    The most popular Polish dishes include pierogi, noodles, stuffed cabbage, pork chop, frikadelle, bigos, and ham hock (or pork knuckle).


    An additional influence on the formation of Polish regional cuisine had the availability of individual products, the presence of people with different cultures, and the wealth of Poles living in the region. The harvest also had its contribution to Polish cuisine.


    The history of pierogi you can find Pierogi – one of the most recognizable Polish dishes in the world. What they really are? and the traditional recipe for polish pierogi called Russian ones and the explanation why they are called Russian you can find The traditional recipe for Polish pierogi 


    Typical flavors of Polish cuisine are salty, sugary, pickled (cucumbers, cabbage), herbal, medium hot, and sour or sour-sweet. Typical herbal spices for Polish cuisine are mustard seeds, nigella, or lovage. If you see that the dish is medium hot it means that there are horseradish, mustard, chives, onions, and garlic. 


    The basis of the cuisine – both of the nobility and the wealthier peasantry – was the household; only salt and spices (mainly pepper) were bought. They ate what the field, vegetable garden, orchard, cowshed, and henhouse provided, as well as game, hunted in the forest, and fish from the river or pond.


    Contemporary Polish cuisine differs from the former one, i.e., groats have been replaced by potatoes, and game dishes are now being replaced by pork and farmed poultry. Tomatoes and peppers have also become very popular. The consumption of meat, which is available on a daily basis today, has also increased, while the consumption of offal has decreased.


    Every Tuesday you will find a description of the most popular dishes in Poland, and on Wednesdays the recipes ?

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