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    The celebration of the Year of Stanisław Lem

    Presentations of the most famous film adaptations of Stanisław Lem’s prose, exhibitions, discussions about his work, meetings with translators of his works are in the program of the September Megabit Bomb Festival in Krakow, which is the culmination of the writer’s 100th birthday celebrations.

    At the entrance to Hala Koszyki, next to the lander of the Soyuz-30 spacecraft, which Mirosław Hermaszewski used to return from orbit, the Program of the Megabit Bomb Festival, the main event of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth, which will take place on September 10-14 in Krakow, was announced. It is a joint initiative of the Lem Institute, the City of Krakow, and the Krakow Festival Office.

    Maciej Kawecki, the President of the Lem Institute, explained that the return capsule from 1978 is a metaphor for Lem’s thoughts. “Science and technology help us touch the stars,” he said. The slogan of the celebrations – “I’ve seen the future” – refers to the content of the writer’s books; the organizers intend to reflect the accuracy of Lem’s futurological thoughts and promote his work.

    Kawecki added that the festival will be organized in several locations in Krakow, incl. ICE Kraków Congress Center, Pod Baranami Cinema, and Potocki Palace. In his opinion, this way of organizing the festival is to foster the combination of technology and culture. He emphasized that the Stanisław Lem awards will be handed in for the first time during the festival.

    “Those who focus on people in their activities will be rewarded. This is what Lem did in his work,” he said.


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