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    If you were a Pole, which car would you buy?

    In the third quarter of this year, we bet on used cars. Slightly cheaper cars are becoming more and more popular, according to a survey commissioned by Volkswagen Financial Services.

    There are no big differences between the purchase preferences of Poles between the second and third quarter of this year. The same number of people, 20 percent, declare that they will buy a car in the next three months. However, the percentage of people who declare that they will not buy a car during this period has increased (from 56 to 62 percent).


    The survey also asked about preferences for buying new and used cars. Thus, in the current quarter, compared to the previous one, the percentage of people declaring their intention to buy a new car has slightly increased from 42% to 44%. However, the number of buyers of second-hand vehicles fell from 58% to 55%.


    The change in buying preferences this quarter can be seen when we look at respondents’ answers to a question about car prices. And so the percentage of respondents declaring the purchase of a car priced up to 50 thousand PLN rose from 55 to 56 percent. In the range from 50 to 100 thousand PLN, an increase from 28 to 31 percent was observed. At the same time, we can see a decline in the range from PLN 100 to 150 thousand – from 13 percent to 11 percent, and in the amount above PLN 150 thousand – from 4 to 3 percent.


    The last question asked in the survey was about the age of the car being purchased. Soon, 5-year-old (22 percent), 8-year-old (11 percent) and 10-year-old (23 percent) cars will be the most popular.



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