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    A film about St. Maximilian

    A documentary is made about the search for St. Maximilian Kolbe. A history lover, an inhabitant of the Oświęcim region Dagmar Kopijasz, follows in his footsteps, with a pre-war photograph of a Franciscan in his hand, said the director Gabriela Mruszczak.

    This Saturday is the 80th anniversary of the martyrdom of a Polish Franciscan in the German Auschwitz camp.

    “The pictures have started. We are going to edit a 25-minute version of the film by November. We are planning the premiere next year. I would like to make a longer film then,” said Gabriela Mruszczak.

    The painting will be a story about the search for St. Maximilian. 

    “The great saint of the Catholic Church, Father Maximilian Kolbe, is such a recognizable figure that Dagmar Kopijasz, a resident of a town near Oświęcim, has often heard of him. He was very moved when he received a pre-war photograph of the saint. And although he approaches faith with a distance, he decided in his way +to collect+ the events that are happening in his life, and wherein the background appears, as if in passing, St. Maximilian,” said Mruszczak.

    The director said that the filmmakers were guided by the words of St. Maximilian, told in KL Auschwitz to a prisoner from the first transport, Eugeniusz Niedojadło: “It is here in Auschwitz that we must not hate. You should love. Even your enemies should be loved; even those who persecute us”


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